Li Auto said the company has not issued any digital currencies or NFT digital collections to the public.

Li Auto warns of fraudulent digital currency, NFT offerings after NIO-CnEVPost

(Image credit: Li Auto)

Digital currency is one of the areas where the risk of fraud is high, and companies with a reputation are more likely to be exploited by bad actors.

Li Auto released a statement today saying the company has not issued any digital currencies or NFT digital collections to the public, following a similar clarification issued by NIO yesterday.

Recently such activities have appeared on the Internet under the name of Li Auto, and the company cautions the public not to believe such false information, according to the statement.

Here is the full text of the statement posted by Li Auto on Weibo, translated by CnEVPost:

Recently, false information of digital currencies or digital collectibles (NFT) issued under the name of Li Auto has appeared online.

Our company hereby states that Li Auto has not issued any digital currency or digital collectibles (NFT) to the public, nor has it authorized any third party to issue any digital currency or digital collectibles (NFT).

Please do not believe such false information and protect your property and that of your family.

We will take legal measures to pursue the legal responsibility of relevant parties for such acts of impersonating Li Auto and releasing false information.

Yesterday, a Chinese "announcement" titled "NIO Coin Global Initial Offering and Subscription Guide" was circulated on the Internet, signed by the "NIO Business Development Department".

According to the "announcement", NIO has decided to issue digital currency in Hong Kong in response to the digital currency policy of China's central bank and to enhance the market position of RMB in the international payment and settlement system.

NIO Coin will have more application scenarios in the future, and can be used for car purchases and battery swap services, the "announcement" said.

NIO then released a statement saying that it had no plans to issue any digital currency, nor had it authorized any third party to issue digital currency.

It is worth noting that earlier this year, NIO issued NFT digital collections for employees only.

Each year, NIO issues a pin documenting the annual moment to employees to mark NIO's growth, a message shared at the time by Ma Lin, NIO's senior director of corporate communications, via his WeChat update.

This year the pin is themed Hello Norway and was created by renowned jewelry designer Thomas.V, inspired by the Northern Lights, he said.

NIO issues first NFTs, but only for employees

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