A well-known car blogger who slammed for not having the ability to build a car three years ago has become one of the first owners of an ET7.

It's funny that a blogger who posted a video in early 2019 saying NIO (NYSE: NIO, HKG: 9866, SGX: NIO) had no future has become one of the earliest owners of the ET7.

Car blogger @一个菜两个菜, who has 1.27 million followers on Weibo, said Tuesday, "I quietly bought an NIO (vehicle), can you believe it."

His Weibo post shows some of the interior details of the vehicle as well as the keys to the car, which is apparently NIO's flagship sedan ET7 that only started to be delivered in late March.

In another Weibo post early this morning, he shared a picture showing his ET7 as a gray one.

Notably, the blogger has not made any comments about his ET7 so far.

For car bloggers, buying an ET7 is a normal thing, for example, another famous car blogger @董买买 said in June that the vehicle he reserved on the day the ET7 was unveiled on January 9, 2021, was finally delivered on June 17 after 524 days of waiting.

What's special for @一个菜两个菜 is that he said in a video posted on January 28, 2019, that there is no future for NIO and explained his point in detail.

In the video, he claimed that NIO was playing the game of quickly capturing money through the capital markets and was not capable of building cars.

Building cars is hard, even harder than launching rockets, otherwise, those car brands on the street would have changed a lot in the past years, he said.

It's worth noting that although his views seem wrong now, they did represent the opinion of many people at the time. The video on Bilibili has accumulated more than 300,000 views to date.

NIO's first model, the ES8, only began official deliveries on June 28, 2018, with 11,348 units delivered in 2018.

The company went public in the US in September 2018 and had a lukewarm share price performance before the video was posted.

Throughout 2019, NIO faced severe financial pressures and negative news continued to come out, giving much more credence to the views expressed by @一个菜两个菜.

But in 2020, as NIO's financing problems were resolved and deliveries continued to rise following the launch of new models, sending its share price up tenfold in one year.

Now, there is hardly anyone questioning whether NIO has a future anymore, and people are more concerned about how much of an impact it will have on the German luxury brands in China after it gets a firm foothold in the premium market.

After @一个菜两个菜 announced he had bought an NIO vehicle, the screenshot of his Weibo post was put together with a screenshot of his video from three years ago and widely circulated on Chinese social media and WeChat groups.

Although he did not reveal more details, it is safe to speculate that his ET7 order was placed on the day the model was launched.

This is because @董买买 had said that he placed his order within minutes of the ET7 opening for pre-order, but did not get delivery until June 17.

With 1,707 retail sales in May, the NIO ET7 ranked ninth in China in sales of premium sedans starting at more than RMB 300,000 ($44,820), according to data released last month by the China Passenger Car Association.

From March to May, the NIO ET7 accumulated 2,563 deliveries, according to data monitored by CnEVPost.

NIO is expected to release June data later today when the latest ET7 deliveries will be known.