is currently offering two versions of the Model 3 in China as well as three versions of the Model Y. The pricing and expected delivery dates for all models except the Model Y Long Range remain unchanged.

Tesla raised the price of one version of its Model Y SUV significantly in China, following the company's price increase in the US.

The latest price for the Tesla Model Y Long Range in China is RMB 394,900, up by RMB 19,000 ($2,840) from the previous RMB 375,900, information on its China website shows.

Tesla currently offers two versions of the Model 3 in China as well as three versions of the Model Y. Other than the price change for the Model Y Long Range, the pricing and expected delivery dates for the other models remain unchanged.

(Vehicle information displayed on Tesla's China website on June 17.)

Tesla has not yet announced the price increase on its social media platforms in China, and the reason for the price increase is unknown.

But based on the company's previous comments, the price adjustment appears to reflect Tesla's expectation that raw material prices will continue to rise in the coming months.

Tesla's move in China comes after it significantly increased the price of its vehicles in the United States.

On June 16, Tesla increased the price of its Model Y Long Range in the US from $62,990 to $65,990 and the Model Y Performance from $67,990 to $69,990.

Tesla last increased prices in China three months ago, raising the price of the Model Y rear-wheel-drive version by RMB 15,060 to 316,900 on March 17.

Over the past three months, Tesla has not raised prices in China, but has made several adjustments to expected delivery times.

Tesla extended the expected delivery date for the entry-level version of the Model 3 in China on June 2 to 20-24 weeks from the previous 16-20 weeks. The expected delivery dates for Model 3 Performance as well as Model Y were unchanged at the time.

On June 7, the expected delivery date for the rear-wheel-drive entry-level version of the China-made Model 3 became 16-20 weeks, a reduction of four weeks from the previous 20-24 weeks.

The expected delivery date for the dual-motor all-wheel-drive Model 3 Performance then became 12-16 weeks, also down 4 weeks from the previous 16-20 weeks.

Tesla reduces Model 3 wait times in China, while Model Y Long Range gets extended-CnEVPost

(Vehicle information displayed on Tesla's China website on June 7.)

Back the Model Y, the SUV has quickly become one of the most popular following its local production in China.

In March, Tesla Model Y retail sales in China were 39,730 units, making it the best-selling of all SUVs in China in March and the first quarter, according to data previously released by the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA).

Tesla Model Y becomes top-selling SUV in China in both March and Q1-CnEVPost

Tesla's Shanghai plant saw its sales plunge in April and May as production was suspended during the city's Covid lockdown.

Even so, the Tesla Model Y ranked No. 1 in retail sales in China with 75,641 units from January to April among high-end SUVs starting at more than RMB 300,000 in China.

In May, Model Y retail sales in China were 5,875 units, down 53.84 percent from 12,728 units a year ago and up 511.98 percent from 960 units in April, according to the CPCA.

Tesla delivers 3,950 Model 3 and 5,875 Model Y vehicles in China in May-CnEVPost

Tesla China price changes

DateModelPrev PriceChange (RMB)Change (%)Latest Price
20231128Model Y Long Range304,4002,0000.66%306,400
20231121Model Y Long Range302,400 2,000 0.66%304,400
20231114Model 3259,900 1,500 0.58%261,400
20231114Model Y263,900 2,500 0.95%266,400
20231109Model 3 Long Range295,900 1,500 0.51%297,400
20231109Model Y Long Range299,900 2,500 0.83%302,400
20231027Model Y Performance349,900 14,000 4.00%363,900
20231019New Model 3NewNANA259,900
20231019New Model 3 Long RangeNewNANA295,900
20230814Model Y Long Range313,900 -14,000 -4.46%299,900
20230814Model Y Performance363,900 -14,000 -3.85%349,900
20230505Model S789,900 19,000 2.41%808,900
20230505Model S Plaid1,009,900 19,000 1.88%1,028,900
20230505Model X879,900 19,000 2.16%898,900
20230505Model X Plaid1,039,900 19,000 1.83%1,058,900
20230502Model 3229,900 2,000 0.87%231,900
20230502Model 3 Performance329,900 2,000 0.61%331,900
20230502Model Y261,900 2,000 0.76%263,900
20230502Model Y Long Range311,900 2,000 0.64%313,900
20230502Model Y Performance361,900 2,000 0.55%363,900
20230217Model Y Long Range309,900 2,000 0.65%311,900
20230217Model Y Performance359,900 2,000 0.56%361,900
20230210Model Y259,900 2,000 0.77%261,900
20230106Model 3265,900 -36,000 -13.54%229,900
20230106Model 3 Performance349,900 -20,000 -5.72%329,900
20230106Model Y288,900 -29,000 -10.04%259,900
20230106Model Y Long Range357,900 -48,000 -13.41%309,900
20230106Model Y Performance397,900 -38,000 -09.55%359,900
20230106Model SNewNANA789,900
20230106Model S PlaidNewNANA1,009,900
20230106Model XNewNANA879,900
20230106Model X PlaidNewNANA1,039,900
20221024Model 3279,900 -14,000 -5.00%265,900
20221024Model 3 Performance367,900 -18,000 -4.89%349,900
20221024Model Y316,900 -28,000 -8.84%288,900
20221024Model Y Long Range394,900 -37,000 -09.37%357,900
20221024Model Y Performance417,900 -20,000 -4.79%397,900
20220617Model Y301,840 15,060 4.99%316,900
20220617Model Y Long Range375,900 19,000 5.05%394,900
20220315Model 3265,652 14,248 5.36%279,900
20220315Model 3 Performance349,900 18,000 5.14%367,900
20220315Model Y Long Range357,900 18,000 5.03%375,900
20220315Model Y Performance397,900 20,000 5.03%417,900
20220310Model 3 Performance339,900 10,000 2.94%349,900
20220310Model Y Long Range347,900 10,000 2.87%357,900
20220310Model Y Performance387,900 10,000 2.58%397,900
20211231Model 3255,652 10,000 3.91%265,652
20211231Model Y280,752 21,088 7.51%301,840
20211124Model 3250,900 4,752 1.89%255,652
20211124Model Y276,000 4,752 1.72%280,752
20211119Model 3235,900 15,000 6.36%250,900
20211027Model S Long Range859,990 30,000 3.49%889,990
20211027Model X Long Range909,990 30,000 3.30%939,990
20210911Model Y Performance377,900 10,000 2.65%387,900
20210804Model S Long Range829,990 30,000 3.61%859,990
20210804Model X Long Range879,990 30,000 3.41%909,990
20210730Model 3250,900 -15,000 -5.98%235,900
20210716Model S Long Range799,990 30,000 3.75%829,990
20210716Model X Long Range849,990 30,000 3.53%879,990
20210708Model YNANewNA276,000
20210508Model 3249,900 1,000 0.40%250,900
20210324Model Y Long Range339,900 8,000 2.35%347,900
20210324Model Y Performance369,900 8,000 2.16%377,900
20210101Model 3 PerformanceNewNANA339,900
20210101Model Y Long RangeNewNANA339,900
20210101Model Y PerformanceNewNANA369,900
20201001Model 3271,600 -21,700 -7.99%249,900
20201001Model 3 Long Range344,050 -34,150 -09.93%309,900