Chinese consumers who order the entry-level Model 3 now won't get deliveries until at least the end of October.

The lost production at 's (NASDAQ: TSLA) Shanghai plant over the past two months is making the company's delivery cycle in China even longer.

The expected delivery date for Tesla's entry-level Model 3 electric sedan in China, priced at RMB  279,900 ($41,960), is 20-24 weeks, four weeks longer than the previous 16-20 weeks, information monitored by CnEVPost shows.

That means Chinese consumers who order the rear-wheel-drive model now won't get deliveries until at least the end of October.

(Vehicle information displayed on Tesla's China website on June 2.)

Tesla Giga Shanghai currently produces Model 3 as well as Model Y vehicles, with the former offered in two versions and the latter in three.

Pricing, as well as specification information for these vehicles, are unchanged. Expected delivery dates for all models are unchanged, except for the Model 3 entry-level version.

(Vehicle information displayed on Tesla's China website since March 17.)

Tesla's Shanghai plant halted production when the city went into a phased lockdown from March 28, and production officially resumed on April 19. The plant lost about 50,000 units of production during the shutdown.

Giga Shanghai began double-shift production on May 23, local media outlet Yicai said on May 29, citing a Tesla insider.

The plant previously maintained single-shift production for a month since it resumed production on April 19 due to employee travel restrictions and factors including logistics, according to the report.

Production at Tesla's Shanghai plant is still in a closed-loop mode, with output already essentially at the same level as before the Covid lockdown, and is expected to return to full normal levels next month, the report said.

Shanghai lifted restrictions on residential travel from June 1, thereby essentially lifting the lockdown that lasted two months.

Tesla's China charging team said on May 31 that 61 supercharging stations will reopen for operation in Shanghai on June 1.