A total of 3,126 users have driven more than 100,000 km, including 54 who have driven more than 200,000 km and two with over 300,000 km.

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As of May 21, NIO (NYSE: NIO, HKG: 9866) users have logged more than 5 billion kilometers of driving, the Chinese premium electric vehicle company said in an article posted on its app today.

NIO saw its users reach the first billion kilometers in 846 days, and went from 4 billion to 5 billion kilometers in just 113 days, the company said.

Reaching the milestone means that NIO's users have cumulatively reduced carbon emissions by 328,709 tons through the use of clean energy, the equivalent of planting about 18.26 million trees, according to the company.

A total of 3,126 NIO users have driven more than 100,000 kilometers, including 54 who have exceeded 200,000 kilometers and two who have exceeded 300,000 kilometers.

To date, NIO users have driven more than 418 million kilometers with the NIO Pilot assisted driving system, and 158 million kilometers with the NOP (Navigation on Pilot) feature.

NIO's in-car virtual voice assistant NOMI has communicated with users a cumulative 520 million times, with the most frequently executed commands being navigation, turning on the air conditioner and playing music, according to the company.

To date, NIO users have used the service at NIO's charging stations 1.18 million times, the company said.

NIO customers have used its battery swap services a cumulative 8.81 million times, with an average of more than 20,000 battery changes per day, meaning that on average, an NIO vehicle leaves a battery swap station with a fully charged battery every 4.2 seconds.

NIO Service accumulated 1.11 million repair and maintenance services, including 15,993 towing assistance and 240,000 mobile services.

NIO delivered its 200,000th production vehicle since its inception, an ET7, on May 15, according to its previously announced information.

This means that NIO delivered 2,088 vehicles in the first half of May, taking into account cumulative deliveries of 197,912 units as of April 30.

NIO achieved the delivery milestone in an extremely challenging environment, considering that Shanghai, where its global headquarters is located, remains in lockdown, leaving the automotive supply chain with ongoing challenges.

The company's energy replenishment system includes battery swap stations, conventional charging stations and mobile charging vehicles.

An image of an NIO mobile charging vehicle charging an NIO vehicle in a community through a fence has been widely circulated on Chinese social media today, sparking much discussion.

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