's listing in three venues creates new possibilities for Chinese automakers to further globalize and turn China into an automotive powerhouse, said the Economic Daily.

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NIO (NYSE: NIO, HKG: 9866) became the first automaker to list in the US, Hong Kong and Singapore at the same time by listing in Singapore today, marking another milestone in the company's development.

In an article titled "NIO's listing highlights the global presence of Chinese automakers" published today by the state-owned Economic Daily before NIO officially began trading in Singapore, the company was given a thumbs-up.

The following is the main content of the article, compiled by CnEVPost.

NIO has officially become the first Chinese company to complete a triple listing in the US, Hong Kong and Singapore, which is both a sign of the capital market's optimism for China's smart electric vehicle market and a new starting point for NIO's global development.

The listing of NIO in three locations opens up a new course and creates new possibilities for Chinese car companies to further globalize and promote China's transformation from a big auto market to a strong auto powerhouse.

The company's cumulative sales exceeded 200,000 units, and it has successfully raised the price of local brand cars to over RMB 400,000, becoming a sample for Chinese auto companies' brands to enter the high-end market.

Around its products and services, NIO has changed the simple buyer-seller relationship between OEMs and consumers, redefined the customer experience, and had a profound impact on the Chinese auto market.

Previously, the US Securities and Exchange Commission has added the shares of 88 Chinese companies, including NIO and Motors (NYSE: XPEV, HKG: 9868), to its list of potential delistings.

The listing of NIO in Singapore will increase the number of trading venues, further mitigate geopolitical risks, provide more options to international investors, and deepen the global capital market layout and broaden the overseas financing channels in the future.

Singapore is an important international financial center, and listing here will not only attract more institutional investors, but also increase global tradable time and liquidity, and better enhance their voice and brand influence in the capital markets.

After , the leading companies of the new car-making force, represented by NIO, are listed in the US stock market. With the power of the capital market, they have not only bred strong momentum for industrial change, but also raised people's overall awareness of NEVs, making China's auto industry more innovative and energetic than ever before.

Of course, it is also important to see that although there are many new car makers in China, the global competitiveness of individual companies still needs to be improved.

The reason why NIO has become the dark horse of the intelligent electric vehicle track and led Chinese brands to achieve upward breakthrough is closely related to the strategic vision, product planning and R&D layout of the company.

Facing the wave of intelligent and electrification changes, the global automotive industry is accelerating its comprehensive reshaping. This is undoubtedly a rare opportunity for the Chinese auto industry.