Participants will use 2170 cells as the material to design a battery system that has the opportunity to be carried in the Cyberquad.

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Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) is launching a battery design challenge in China for the Cyberquad, which was released in 2019 but has yet to begin deliveries, and will offer prizes of up to RMB 200,000 ($30,460).

"The 2022 World Power Battery Congress, Power Battery Integration and Management Technology Challenge officially launches today," the Tesla China poster says, adding, "Use your battery design to reimagine the future of mobility."

For many people, they may not be familiar with the model. In 2019, Tesla unveiled the Cyberquad, a compactly styled all-terrain vehicle (ATV), at the launch of the Cybertruck, an electric pickup.

Tesla has not yet begun deliveries of the Cyberquad, though it released a children's version of the model in late 2021. It retails for $1,900 in the US and is not available in China.

Tesla's latest battery design challenge is a three-month competition, with a call for entries from April 25 to May 18. The preliminary round will be held in Beijing from May 19 to 20, with all subsequent events to be held in Yibin, Sichuan.

Contestants will use 2170 cells as materials and design a battery system that has the opportunity to be carried on the Cyberquad.

There will be six Tesla R&D technical experts providing full technical guidance, and 10 automotive and power cell industry veterans will provide feedback on the ideas, according to Tesla China.

The top 10 teams will receive cash prizes, with the first place receiving RMB 100,000 from the event and RMB 100,000 from the Yibin Municipal Government.

The second place will receive a cumulative RMB 100,000, and the third place will receive a total of RMB 50,000.