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When Tesla's Shanghai plant, where production has been suspended due to Covid controls, will resume is the focus of much attention, and there are many rumors related to it.

Earlier today, there were rumors that Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) said in an answer to a US investor that Giga Shanghai would not resume work until mid-May at the earliest, with the parts supply chain resuming at that time.

Shanghai Securities News on April 15 quoted a Tesla China source as saying that the rumors were false.

Tesla China had said on March 28 that the will strictly implement all Covid prevention and control requirements and arrange work according to the government's policies at any time, the report noted.

Grace Tao, Tesla's vice president of external affairs, later also said on Weibo that the rumors were fake news.

Since Shanghai entered a phased lockdown from March 28, production at Tesla's factory in the city has been suspended so far, with no indication yet about when production could resume.

Reuters had reported on April 3 that Tesla was aiming to resume production at Giga Shanghai on April 4, with it expecting the first workers to be released from the Covid lockdown.

But automakers, including Tesla, has not resumed work so far because of the ongoing lockdown in Shanghai.

Earlier today, Sina Tech cited a document as saying that China's largest carmaker SAIC is conducting an internal assessment for launching a resumption of production and will start a stress test on April 18.

This seems to mean that Shanghai's auto industry is expected to start running again while the Covid lockdown remains in place.