has 11 Supercharger stations in Macau so far, and owners also have access to 49 other public charging stations.

Tesla's first V3 Supercharger station in Macau is now in operation, providing owners with convenient charging, the company said Tuesday.

(Image credit: Tesla)

V3 Supercharger technology is the fastest charging technology on the market today, reaching up to 250 kW of power and giving vehicles a range of 275 kilometers in as little as 15 minutes, Tesla said.

As of now, Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) has 11 charging stations in Macau, and owners can also use the other 49 public charging stations, according to the company.

Macau is the cheapest region in the world for the Model 3, with the electric sedan selling for about $40,282 here, according to data published by the UK-based Confused.com early last month.

The Chinese mainland is the second cheapest region for the model at $41,653, and Singapore is the most expensive at a whopping $83,489, according to the data.

Notably, Tesla has made several price increases this month for the Model 3 and Model Y vehicles it sells in the Chinese mainland.

Tesla released data earlier this month showing that it added three V3 Supercharger stations in the Chinese mainland in February, containing 18 charging piles.

To date, Tesla has opened more than 1,100 Supercharger stations in the Chinese mainland, offering more than 8,400 charging piles.

The company also has more than 700 destination charging stations in the Chinese mainland, offering more than 1,800 charging piles.