With a price range of RMB 450,000 ($71,200) - 500,000, the L9 will offer plenty of innovation in voice interaction and in-car screen interaction.

(Image credit: Li Auto)

After announcing the official name of its new SUV, the L9, last week, Li Auto today unveiled the SUV's price range, some spec information, and interior trim.

The L9 will be a smart flagship SUV for families, and it will have a price range of RMB 450,000 ($71,200) - 500,000 yuan and will be announced at next month's Beijing Auto Show, the company said today.

Li Auto listed three features of the L9 SUV.

1. Three-dimensional spatial interaction

The L9 ushers in a new era of three-dimensional spatial interaction, with six microphones and 3DToF sensors inside the vehicle, Li Auto said.

Supported by these sensors, Li Auto's in-house-developed multimodal 3D spatial interaction technology based on deep learning allows users to interact in the most natural way for humans, it said.

"Whether it's a child in kindergarten or a grandparent in their 70s or 80s, they can easily enjoy the smart experience of Li Auto L9," the company said.

2. Superb computing platform

Li Auto L9's smart cockpit comes standard with two Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 chips, which, along with 24 GB of memory and 256 GB of high-speed storage, form a computing platform that provides powerful computing power for AI, software and entertainment, the company said.

The platform supports dual 5G carrier switching and can ensure real-time online access to high-speed networks, it said.

3. Five screens

Li Auto L9 offers a five-screen interaction mode that takes the audiovisual and entertainment experience of a smart car to a whole new level, it said.

The model comes standard with a large HUD and a safe driving screen located above the steering wheel, putting safety on the road in any scenario, Li Auto said.

The model's center console, passenger entertainment screen and rear cabin entertainment screen feature three 15.7-inch automotive OLED screens.

These OLED screens offer 3K HD resolution and extreme color reproduction never before seen in an in-car screen, giving every family member a top-notch audio-visual and entertainment experience, Li Auto said.

Li Auto did not provide more information, saying this is the "first episode of official spoilers" and that it will announce more next Wednesday.

Li Auto's next model officially named L9, to be unveiled at next month's Beijing Auto Show