has put into operation destination charging stations equipped with the 20-kW charger in four cities.

(Image credit: Xpeng)

Xpeng Motors announced yesterday that it has added a 20-kW DC charging pile to its charging system, which can increase vehicle range by 150 kilometers in less than an hour.

The company has already put into operation destination charging stations equipped with the piles in Anyang, Henan province, Pu'er, Yunnan province, Bozhou, Anhui province and Sansha, Hainan province.

Previously, Xpeng's destination charging stations used 7-kW chargers.

As of February 28, the number of Xpeng-branded supercharging stations reached 848, and it had 174 destination charging stations, according to the company.

Xpeng delivered 6,225 vehicles in February, up 180 percent year-on-year, but down 51.8 percent from 12,922 in January, data released earlier this week showed.

The decline was mainly due to the Chinese New Year holiday from January 31 to February 6, which is usually a slow season for car sales, during which Xpeng upgraded its plant in Zhaoqing, Guangdong province.

Xpeng's technical renovation of the Zhaoqing site has been completed and the plant resumed production in mid-February, the company said, adding that the higher production efficiency will further help accelerate delivery of the large number of orders on hand.

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