A large number of well-known technology companies, including Tencent and Netease, have also had their Metaverse trademark applications rejected previously.

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Remember that many Chinese companies applied for Metaverse trademarks at the end of last year? The truth is that many of them were rejected, including NIO, , and .

NIO's previously filed trademark applications for "NIO Metaverse" in 13 different categories were all "partially rejected", according to data provider Tianyancha.

Some of them were rejected on February 24, and some were rejected on February 27, for unknown reasons.

Facebook's name change to Meta last year brought a new focus to the hype about the metaverse concept.

Possibly out of fear of missing out or for trademark protection, many carmakers, including NIO, XPeng Motors, and Li Auto, filed applications for multiple Metaverse trademarks.

Li Auto filed its trademark application related to the Metaverse in mid-September last year, while NIO and XPeng filed theirs in early November last year.

Tianyancha's information shows that Li Auto's application was "partially rejected" in early January and XPeng's in late January.

In addition to these three, also filed an application for Metaverse trademarks last month.

BYD sources previously said that the move was mainly for trademark protection reasons and that there were no plans to start a related business for the time being, according to local media outlet Wallstreetcn.

Tianyancha's information shows that BYD's application has not yet been rejected.

By the end of 2021, more than 1,600 companies in China had filed applications for Metaverse trademarks, according to another data provider, Qichacha.

But these actions appear to be just for trademark protection purposes rather than for actual businesses, with applications from a large number of well-known tech companies, including Tencent, Netease, iQiyi and Xiaohongshu, being rejected.