The OTA brings 12 new features and more than 40 optimizations to the user experience, said.

After offering a public beta version to a handful of users a month ago, XPeng Motors today began pushing the latest version of the OTA update to all P7 users with Xmart OS version number 2.7.0.

The OTA brings 12 new features and over 40 optimizations to the user experience, according to XPeng.

With the update, users can manage and share routes when using the Valet Parking Assist (VPA) memory parking feature.

By using routes shared by others, users can get to their destination quickly when going to the elevator entrance of a large superstore or an underground charging station.

If the target parking space is already occupied, the vehicle is also able to automatically identify nearby vacant spaces.

XPeng said this is the industry's first shareable-route parking assistance feature.

Xmart OS 2.7.0 also optimizes the cone bucket display strategy, off-ramp experience, and congestion following experience for the freeway Navigation Guided Pilot (NGP) startup state.

As of January 2022, NGP has accumulated more than 20 million kilometers and has 96 percent user penetration, the company said.

The latest update adds a new safety test for Smart Assisted Parking, which users will need to complete before turning on the feature.

It also adds charging pile availability information, which shows the number of currently available charging stakes on the map when there is a highway service area ahead during navigation.