China's NDRC has released a new proposal that again mentions support for the NEV industry and the battery swap model.

China's top economic planner voices support for NEV industry in new initiative-CnEVPost

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Policy support is continuing to strengthen as China's new energy vehicle (NEV) industry grows rapidly.

China's National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), the country's top economic planner, today released its "Implementation Plan for Promoting Green Consumption," which again mentioned support for the NEV industry and the battery swap model.

China will vigorously develop consumption of green transportation, promote NEVs and gradually lift restrictions on the purchase of NEVs, according to the plan.

China will promote the travel of NEVs without restrictions and give more support on their road rights, the plan mentioned.

The country will promote the piloting of the battery swap model of NEVs and the orderly demonstration and application of fuel cell vehicles, according to the plan.

China will increase its efforts to promote the entry of NEVs into the rural market and encourage auto companies to develop and promote NEVs suitable for the travel needs of rural residents.

The country will vigorously promote the electrification of vehicles in the public sector and increase the proportion of NEVs used in urban buses, cabs, sanitation, urban logistics and distribution, postal delivery, civil airports and government departments.

China will promote the use of NEVs in public institutions, quasi-governmental agencies and organizations, and promote new and existing parking lots to be equipped with charging facilities or reserved for the installation of charging facilities.

China will increase financial support on green consumption and encourage private capital to set up related funds, according to the plan.

China's NEV purchase tax incentive, set to expire at year-end, expected to continue