HiPhi argues that the close resemblance between Renault's icon and HiPhi's icon has created some uncertainty about its brand development, and ongoing European business expansion plans.

HiPhi, a premium Chinese electric vehicle (EV) brand, has accused France's Renault of trademark infringement in a number of countries filed last year, asking the latter to stop its actions.

Details released today by HiPhi showed that its parent company Human Horizons registered the following HiPhi icon in key markets around the world, including the EU, from August 2018.

The company has incorporated the HiPhi icon into numerous automotive product designs and applied for global patent protection, and has received a license from Human Horizons to use it, it said.

Renault applied for the following new graphic trademark in the European Union as well as in China, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Norway, Brazil and Russia from January 2021, and has used the icon on its official website, at auto shows and other occasions, according to HiPhi.

HiPhi believes that the close resemblance of Renault's icon to HiPhi's icon, especially in scenarios where it is rotated and viewed from different angles, has created some uncertainty about its brand development, and ongoing European business expansion plans.

HiPhi said Human Horizons obtained a temporary injunction from a German court in October 2021 upon application, and Renault Deutschland AG was asked to suspend the use of the Renault icon in Germany.

The parties are currently in regular court hearings, trademark opposition and cancellation proceedings, and Human Horizons, HiPhi will disclose the outcome of the relevant legal proceedings when conditions are ripe.

HiPhi launches its first model, HiPhi X, in October 2020, with deliveries of that model officially beginning in May 2021.

The brand announced yesterday that it saw the 5,000th production vehicle of the HiPhi X roll off the production line.

The HiPhi X starts at RMB 570,000 ($90,000) for the six-seat version and up to RMB 800,000 for the four-seat version.

HiPhi sold 919 vehicles in December, up 20.5 percent from 763 units in November, figures released by the brand last week showed.

Since deliveries began in mid-May last year, the brand's first model, HiPhi X, has sold a cumulative total of 4,237 units, including 3,724 units from July to November, it said.

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