About 60 percent of vehicle owners have 's home charging piles installed in their homes.

(Image credit: NIO)

NIO announced that it saw the delivery of its 100,000th home charging pile today, nearly four years after the first home charger was delivered in April 2018.

The 100,000th home charger was delivered to an NIO ES6 owner in Shanghai, who chose the red 20 kWh version.

Notably, NIO released data on January 1 showing that it has delivered a cumulative total of 167,070 vehicles from its inception to the end of 2021.

This means that about 60 percent of owners have installed NIO's home chargers in their homes.

That number appears to be a relatively high percentage, as late last month, Freeman Shen, founder of NIO's local counterpart , said on Weibo that the company delivered more than 40,000 vehicles in 2021, but 20,000 owners were unable to install their complimentary home charging piles.

Prior to this year, NIO's home charging piles for customers included 7-kW AC charging piles and 20-kW DC charging piles.

At the NIO Day 2021 event on December 18, NIO announced the addition of the option to offer 7-kW DC charging piles, and 11-kW DC charging piles.

Current NIO vehicle purchasers will receive a 7-kW charging pile for free.

If the customer chooses a home charging pile, they will also receive 4 free battery swaps per month. If the home charger is dropped, then the free battery swap service is increased to 6 times per month.