's total deliveries of all models stood at 95,977 units as of December 31.

(Image credit: Neta)

Chinese electric vehicle (EV) startup Neta Automobile today saw its 100,000th production vehicle roll off the production line, 3.5 years after its first production vehicle rolled off the line, the company said.

"The 100,000th production vehicle rolling off the line is a milestone for Neta, and it's just the beginning. Neta's dream is to put high-quality smart EVs within reach and make smart green mobility accessible to everyone," said company founder and chairman Fang Yunzhou.

Neta is the EV brand of Hozon Auto, which was founded in October 2014. The first Neta model was launched in November 2018.

Neta currently offers three models in China, the Neta V, Neta V Pro and Neta U Pro, all starting at under RMB 100,000 ($15,700).

Neta delivered 10,127 vehicles in December, the second consecutive month of more than 10,000 units, up 236 percent year-on-year and up 1 percent from 10,013 units in November.

It was the company's 10th consecutive month of record deliveries, bringing its total deliveries for 2021 to 69,674 units, up 362 percent from a year ago.

Neta's total deliveries for all models were 95,977 units as of December 31.

Neta S, which will be launched in 2022, will use 's MDC intelligent driving computing platform and LiDAR technology to enter the premium market, according to information previously announced by the company.

The Neta S will be available in versions with extended-range technology and in an all-electric version, the company said today.

The model will be equipped with Huawei's MDC computing platform with 200 TOPS of computing power, featuring 2 LiDARs, 5 millimeter-wave radars, 12 ultrasonic radars, 13 cameras, high precision positioning units, and high precision maps, according to the company.

Neta S will be able to enable navigation-assisted driving on highways and city roads as well as L4-level smart driving in parking and remote summoning scenarios, it said.

Last September, Neta announced it would enter the ASEAN NEV market with a right-hand-drive version of the Neta V.

The company said in a press release today that it expects to officially begin its expansion in Southeast Asia in the first half of 2022, and that Neta S will begin working its way into Europe after its launch in China in late 2022.

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