The two aim to build battery swap stations in at least 15 pairs, or 30 service areas, by June 2022.

(Image credit: NIO)

NIO has entered into a partnership with another highway service area operator to accelerate the construction of its battery swap network along the highway, the fourth such partnership in the past month and a half.

NIO today announced a strategic partnership with Zhejiang Commercial Group, which manages more than 100 service areas, to jointly build battery swap stations in eastern China's Zhejiang province.

Zhejiang Commercial Group is the largest state-owned integrated transportation commercial investment operator in Zhejiang, managing more than 60 pairs, or 120 service areas, in Zhejiang province and beyond.

The two companies aim to build battery swap stations in at least 15 pairs, or 30 service areas, by June 2022, allowing NIO's battery swap network to complete coverage of Zhejiang's highways, according to a release from NIO.

With the company's strategic partnership with the Zhejiang Commercial Group, NIO's battery swap stations will provide even more intensive coverage of Zhejiang's highways, it said.

This is the fourth agreement NIO has signed with a highway service area operator in about a month and a half.

On November 23, 2021, NIO signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Guangzhou with Guangdong Tongyi Expressway Service Co Ltd, which operates 352 service areas.

On December 15, NIO signed an agreement with Anhui Yida Service Area Management Co Ltd to jointly build 13 battery swap stations in highway service areas in Anhui.

On December 28, NIO announced a strategic cooperation agreement with Hebei Expressway Group to jointly build a battery swap network covering the local highways in Hebei province in northern China.

At the end of September last year, NIO announced that it would complete its battery swap network covering eight major highways and four densely populated metropolitan areas by the Chinese New Year holiday in 2022, which falls on January 31.

The company's goal of increasing the number of battery swap stations covering highways to 169 by the Chinese New Year has already been achieved.

As of January 7, NIO has 780 battery swap stations in China, 205 of which are located along highways.