"There's no better choice."

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With a starting price of up to RMB 800,000 ($125,600), HiPhi, China's homegrown electric vehicle brand, delivered 763 vehicles in November, a modest but impressive achievement at the top end of the market.

Chinese car brands have long focused on vehicles priced below RMB 200,000. With the rapid growth of the electric vehicle industry in China, startups including , , and Motors are trying to enter the higher-priced market.

Among them, NIO is the car company that has made the most significant success in the high-end market in China, with its hot-selling model, the NIO ES6, starting at RMB 358,000 and the higher-priced NIO ES8 SUV starting at RMB 468,000.

In contrast, Human Horizons, which owns the HiPhi brand, is more ambitious, with the HiPhi X starting at RMB 570,000 for the six-seat version and up to RMB 800,000 for the four-seat version.

Ding Lei, chairman of Human Horizons, recently said that HiPhi delivered more than 700 units in November, with an average price of RMB 700,000, which is equivalent to selling about 7,000 units of ordinary electric cars in a month.

So who exactly bought the HiPhi X and why did they choose the model? Local media tfcaijing.com explained in an article on Monday.

One owner said that he bought the HiPhi X because there was no better choice. Others claim that Mercedes-Benz and BMW vehicles are everywhere on the street and the only way to show off your personality is to buy a HiPhi X.

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HiPhi, highest priced local Chinese EV brand, delivered 763 vehicles in Nov