The feature will provide great convenience for other users, such as the ability to quickly reach supercharging stations in underground parking lots.

XPeng Motors has started to push the latest version of OTA update to select P7 vehicles with Xmart OS version number 2.7.0, which brings several new features.

After the update, users can manage and share routes when using the Valet Parking Assist (VPA) memory parking feature.

The feature will provide great convenience to users in a scenario where they can use a route shared by others to quickly reach a supercharging station in a large underground parking lot.

The user has to use the parking lot as the starting point, click to learn the route, drive the vehicle normally and manually park into the parking space to finish learning the parking route.

The user can then manage and share the route on the cell phone, and can download and send the route to the vehicle on the phone.

Memory parking will be activated when the vehicle drives to the starting point of the marked parking lot, and the vehicle will follow the set route, during which the vehicle can automatically turn and avoid pedestrians and other vehicles.

The latest upgrade also allows the vehicle to select a parking space near its destination and park it. When the vehicle is approaching the end of the parking space, if the target space is occupied, the vehicle will automatically identify the adjacent free parking space, and the user can choose the memory space or the adjacent free parking space to park automatically.

The upgraded VPA function can recognize richer elements, such as static obstacles like bollards, gates and barrier posts.

Xmart OS 2.7.0 also optimizes the cone bucket display strategy, off-ramp experience, and congestion following experience for the highway Navigation Guided Pilot (NGP) activation state.

In addition, the update also optimizes Xpilot 2.5's intelligent parking assist system, safety system, and optimizes the continuous dialogue time setting for full-scene voice and the overall effect of the music cockpit.

The update also optimizes the single-pedal mode, where the vehicle will slow to a stop and enter Autohold if the driver does not press the accelerator and brake pedals during low-speed driving.