The battery swap station has been relocated to an ancient building called the Bojin Building, near an upscale neighborhood and office spaces.

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An NIO battery swap station that faced forced demolition a month ago has been relocated and built at a new location.

The battery swap station, previously located at the Kaiyuan Square in Kaifeng, central China's Henan Province, has been relocated next to the city's ancient building called Baojin Building, NIO announced in its app today.

The battery swap station at the new address is included in the local city development plan, and the local government highly recognizes NIO's development in the charging, battery swap field and will fully support the construction and operation of the company's charging, battery swap network, the company said.

The new battery swap station is located near upscale communities and offices, which can cover a large number of NIO car owners and is close to several well-known attractions, the company said.

To date, NIO has 24 battery swap stations, 21 supercharging stations, 7 destination charging stations and access to more than 15,000 third-party charging posts in Henan, according to the company.

As of November 22, NIO had 636 swap stations in China, 130 of which are located near highways.

It also has 483 supercharging stations offering 2,820 charging piles, and 579 destination charging stations offering 3,238 charging piles and access to more than 430,000 third-party charging piles.

On October 20, the battery swap station in the Kaiyuan Plaza faced demolition, which sparked great concern from NIO owners and internet users.

The battery swap station was put into operation on September 25 and was the first of its kind in the city.

NIO later stated that this was due to an information asymmetry between it and the local city administration.