Yunkuaichong closed the Series B3 funding round, two months after Series B2 funding from Capital.

Chinese electric vehicle (EV) charging service provider Yunkuaichong recently closed a Series B3 round of funding from OPPO, the NIO-backed company announced today, without disclosing the amount of the investment.

This comes two months after the company closed its Series B2 funding round and five months after the closing of its Series B1 funding round.

Founded in 2016, Yunkuaichong is an integrated service provider that offers a cloud-based sharing platform for charging pile operators, manufacturers and charging users.

It provides users with charging services from charging pile finding and code scanning to online payment and customer service after-sales.

As of October, it serves 2,800 charging pile operators and has access to 140,000 charging terminals, according to the company.

Working with partners to become an integrated energy management service provider in the charging infrastructure sector is Yunkuaichong's long-term goal, the company said.

Yunkuaichong's demonstrated clear strategic planning, partnership philosophy and practice in achieving carbon neutral and carbon peak targets were recognized by OPPO, the company said.

On June 21, Yunkuaichong announced the closing of its Series B1 financing round with , Empower Investment and Caixin Industry Fund, a subsidiary of Caixin Financial Holdings.

On September 13, the company announced the completion of a Series B2 round of funding from NIO Capital, the venture capital arm of NIO.

NIO's venture capital arm invests in EV charging service provider Yunkuaichong