To date, has 550 supercharging stations and 129 destination charging stations.

(Image credit: Xpeng)

Xpeng Motors added 111 supercharging stations in October, bringing the total to 550, covering 158 cities, the company said today.

It also added 21 destination charging stations in October, bringing the total to 129.

To date, the total number of Xpeng's own as well as third-party charging stations that offer customers a certain amount of free charging credit has reached 1,734, covering 236 cities.

In October, 38 cities, including Handan, Changchun, Shaoxing and Yangzhou, saw the first Xpeng supercharging stations built there.

The company expects to build Xpeng-branded supercharging stations in more than 100 cities in the next three months.

For comparison, Xpeng's local counterpart has 614 battery swap stations and 467 supercharging stations in China, offering 2,718 charging piles as of November 15.

Nio also has 574 destination charging stations, providing 3,270 charging piles.