added 10 new Supercharger stations, including 66 supercharging piles, in China this week.

Tesla added 49 new Supercharger stations in China in October, providing 329 additional supercharging piles across 31 cities, the company said today.

To date, Tesla has opened more than 1,000 Supercharger stations in the Chinese mainland, offering more than 7,600 charging piles. It also has more than 700 destination charging stations offering 1,750 charging piles, according to Tesla.

These charging facilities cover more than 360 cities and regions, the company said in its official WeChat account.

It's worth noting that the data Tesla released today is not in real-time, as the number of these charging facilities is exactly the same as what the company announced on October 22 when its 1,000th supercharger station in the Chinese mainland went live.

But Tesla said on its charging team Weibo account that the company added 10 new Supercharger stations in China this week, including 66 charging piles. Last week's figures are not available.

In the Chinese market, it is that has been as aggressive as Tesla in building its charging network.

As of November 13, NIO had 613 battery swap stations and 465 supercharging stations offering 2,704 supercharging piles, according to CnEVPost data.

NIO also has 574 destination charging stations offering 3,170 charging piles.

The company's first 200 battery swap stations are first-generation products that store up to five batteries and provide up to 120 services per day.

Starting with the 201st station, NIO's battery swap stations are second-generation products capable of storing up to 13 batteries and providing up to 312 services per day.

NIO adds 2 swap stations, bringing total to 613