announced on September 16 that it has completed a network of battery swap stations in highway service areas from Beijing to all major neighboring cities with the commissioning of three new battery swap stations in highway service areas.

The network consists of 12 highway battery swap stations, centered in Beijing, covering the service areas in Hebei and Tianjin on seven highways: Beijing-Chengde, Beijing-Harbin, Beijing-Lhasa, Beijing-Chongli, Beijing-Shanghai, Beijing-Hong Kong-Macau, and Beijing-Qinhuangdao.

This means that NIO owners in Beijing can conveniently change the battery when traveling to the surrounding cities. It will also be easier for owners in major cities around Beijing to refill their ranges on the way to Beijing.

Two of the three new battery swap stations are located in the opposite direction of the Beidaihe service area on the Beijing-Harbin Expressway, and both are equipped with four supercharging piles.

The other one is located at Tugou service area on Beijing-Chengde Expressway heading to Beijing, and is equipped with two supercharging piles.

(Photo source: NIO)

NIO also put a battery swap station into operation today in the Yizhuang Creative Industry Ecological Park in Beijing's Daxing District, where it provides two supercharging piles.

It has also built a new battery swap station with four superchargers in a parking lot in the southeastern part of Beijing's Changping District.

In addition to this, the company has put two new supercharging stations into operation at the NIO Service Center in Yizhuang, Beijing, and the Beijing Taihe Building, and added charging piles next to eight battery swap stations located in the Beijing area.

NIO now has 39 battery swap stations, 27 supercharging stations, 33 destination charging stations and access to 24,442 third-party charging piles in Beijing.

As of September 16, the company has 456 battery swap stations and 320 superchargers in China providing 2,096 charging piles. It also has 505 destination charging stations with 2,832 charging piles and access to more than 400,000 third-party charging piles.