Since announced the partnership with fossil fuel giant Sinopec Group on April 15, there has been little news about the joint construction of battery swap stations between the two. Now, finally, there is an update.

The first NIO second-generation battery swap station in Dalian, the 391st in China, was put into operation on Thursday.

The station is located in the Sinopec Shengang Integrated Energy Station in Dalian Free Trade Zone, close to the G11 Hegang-Dalian Expressway and Dayaowan Port Dredging Expressway.

This is the first second-generation NIO battery swap station in Dalian.

"Its launch not only marks the full opening of the cooperation between NIO and Sinopec in Dalian region, but also means that the pace of battery swap station layout in Dalian will be further accelerated," said Li Bo, General Manager of NIO Dalian regional company.

NIO reached a strategic cooperation agreement with Sinopec on April 15, and agreed to build battery swap stations in Sinopec gas stations.

NIO's first second-generation battery swap station was officially opened at Sinopec's Chaoying gas station in Beijing on the same day, which is the first charging facility jointly built by the two companies and NIO's 201st battery swap station.

However, since then, there has not been much progress on the cooperation between the two, with only two joint stations announced on April 18 and June 5.

The station in Dalian is the latest battery swap station that we have seen built by NIO and Sinopec after Beijing, Taiyuan and Shijiazhuang.

NIO's second-generation battery swap stations have been comprehensively upgraded compared to the first-generation, with the maximum number of batteries in a single station reaching 13 and the daily service capacity of a single station reaching 312.

The second-generation battery swap stations use automatic parking technology, which can realize one-button automatic parking into the battery swap platform without the need for users to get out of the car.

As of August 26, NIO has 2 battery swap stations, 1 Supercharger station and 4 destination charging stations in Dalian.

To date, NIO has 391 battery swap stations, 256 Supercharger stations, including 1,852 Superchargers in China.

It also has 444 destination charging stations with 2,536 charging piles and access to more than 390,000 third-party charging piles.

(Photo source: NIO)