Shanghai launches pilot project for self-driving buses-CnEVPost

Shanghai launched a self-driving bus pilot project with people on board on August 17, around the Dishui Lake in Nanhui New City, according to a release from the local government.

The project uses CRRC Times' smart connected buses that are capable of L3 self-driving. These vehicles can recognize traffic lights, stop automatically, and open and close doors automatically.

The project's route is 8.5 kilometers, includes eight stops, operates for 30 minutes in a single trip, and passengers can make reservations through the WeChat mini program.

The project was launched in October 2020 and is undergoing functional development, system testing, and scenario expansion prior to receiving a license in July of this year.

The local government expects the project, together with the sightseeing route of Dishui Lake, to form the integration of smart transportation and smart tourism, leading the construction and digital transformation of smart transportation in the district.

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