Motors has disclosed a patent related to battery life prediction that, if used, will be able to significantly improve the accuracy of the prediction.

The patent was filed on June 4, 2021 and made public on August 13, according to data provider Tianyancha.

The abstract of the patent shows that it builds data models based on information about the operating conditions of different vehicles to predict their battery life.

The method takes into account the impact of the vehicle's actual usage environment, driving habits and other factors on battery life, greatly improving the accuracy of the prediction, the abstract shows.

Interestingly, Xpeng's major rival said in its latest report that its power batteries have an excellent lifespan, with the Model S and Model X only losing about 10 percent of their range after 200,000 miles of driving.

The battery depletes relatively quickly in the first 100,000 miles of vehicle mileage, but slows and stabilizes in the subsequent 100,000 miles, the report shows.