's popular 2021 Li ONE, which was released at the end of May and deliveries began in June, is now starting to get complaints from owners about problems with the vehicle.

Several Weibo users have reported that their Li ONE vehicles are making unusual noises while driving at high speeds, suspected to be from the generator.

Some users have uploaded videos showing the range extender's engine running loudly during the vehicle's high-speed driving. They claim it is somewhat harsh and affects the driving experience.

The noise is noticeable when the vehicle speed reaches 60km or more, and the higher the power of the generator, the more noticeable it becomes, they claimed.

Many users in the Li Auto APP are also complaining about the issue. There has been no public response from Li Auto.

On May 25, Li Auto released the 2021 Li ONE with a starting price of RMB 338,000 ($52,400), 10,000 yuan higher than the previous version.

It is powered by a supercharged 1.2T three-cylinder engine that only takes on the role of power generation for the vehicle.

It has a drive motor located at the rear axle with a new triple drive motor with a maximum power of 245kW, peak torque of 455N·m and a 0-100km/h acceleration time of 6.5 seconds.

Li Auto delivered a record 7,713 units of the Li ONE, the company's only model, in June.

That's up 320.6 percent from the same month last year and 78.4 percent from May.

Li Auto added more than 10,000 new orders in June, an all-time high, the company said.

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