Unlike the passenger car segment, the battery swap model is seeing more players in the electric scooter segment.

Electric scooter maker Yadea announced on Friday a strategic partnership with Alipay, Zhizu Chuxing and Huiliu to promote the use of battery swap-enabled models.

Yadea has launched two new battery swap-enabled electric scooter models, and in the future, they will also collaborate on research and development, rental and sales operations and battery swap services of swap-enabled models.

Currently, China has more than 300 million two-wheeled electric vehicles, and the replacement demands brought by new national standards are stimulating sales growth. However, slow charging and safety issues remain common challenges for the industry and consumers.

Yadea has entered into a strategic agreement with Alipay, Zhizu and Huiliu to explore the development of the battery swap model, using Shanghai as a pilot.

Under the strategic partnership, Yadea will continue to update the battery swap model, Zhizu will provide battery swap lockers and regulated batteries, and Alipay and Huiliu will provide services including rental platforms and installment payments for rental cars and battery swap.

Yadea will also accelerate store image upgrade, vehicle rental and sale and battery swap business layout, and accelerate battery swap network construction.

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