After announcing an RMB 10 million ($1.55 million) donation to Henan province, which was hit by heavy rains and floods, has developed a support plan for its customers there.

The company said Wednesday that it has mobilized all available towing resources from three provinces around Henan and is coordinating additional vehicles. When public transportation is restored, repair crews will arrive in Henan as soon as possible, Li Auto said.

For those who have purchased the "lifetime warranty", the replacement parts will continue to be covered by the service. For those who purchased the "basic warranty", the replacement parts will continue to enjoy the "basic warranty", the company said.

Li Auto will inspect all damaged vehicles for motor, electric and electric drive systems and assist customers with insurance claims until the vehicle is restored to normal condition.

For charging posts damaged during the storm, Li Auto will provide a free wiring inspection to ensure safe use. If replacement is needed, the company will provide free replacement wiring or charging pile service.

Henan customers can also visit a Li Auto repair center or authorized sheet metal spray center for vehicle inspection, and can enjoy free air conditioning duct cleaning and sterilization services, as well as free replacement of a brand new air conditioning filter.