's SUV W6 has received its first OTA update to support 11 popular vehicle remote control functions.

These include unlocking the vehicle, opening and closing the windows and sunroof, opening and closing the tailgate, turning on and off the air conditioning, and flashing the lights and horn.

The update also provides a widget for users with phones to quickly access these features.

The OTA update also brings an upgraded experience for voice interaction, with support for ultra-low wakeup and a wakeup success rate of over 95 percent, the company said.

In addition, the update turns the vehicle into a KTV box, offering a library of more than 800,000 songs, the company said.

"The first OTA for the W6 adds and upgrades a number of smart and fun feature applications, especially in entertainment," said Shen Hui, founder, chairman, and CEO of WM Motor.

"Through powerful OTA capabilities, we provide users with a smart new energy vehicle experience around entertainment, car control, voice, parking, driving control, and other segments," he stated.

On the basis of supporting more than 120 commonly used voice functions control, WM Motor W6 has added the function of opening 360° panoramic view by passenger's voice and seat control by non-primary driver's voice.

The public-automated valet parking (PAVP) function will also go live by way of OTA within the year, the company said.

WM Motor, one of the most talked-about new car makers in China, has been questioned for falling behind its peers this year after it stopped releasing sales figures. The company has finally broken its silence.

Shen recently said the company sold 4,007 units in June, up 97.6 percent from a year earlier.

Its cumulative sales for the first half of the year were 15,665 units, up 103.8 percent from a year earlier. It sold 10,116 units in the second quarter, up 105.6 percent year-over-year, according to data released by Shen.

Of the June orders for its SUV model, the W6, 40 percent were for RMB 200,000 ($30,851) or more, Shen said.

WM Motor breaks silence on sales, says it sold 4,007 vehicles in June