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Intelligence is one of the hallmarks of XPeng Motors vehicles, and the company's latest effort will further enhance the P7 vehicle's smart experience.

XPeng said Thursday that the Xmart OS in-car intelligent voice assistant "Xiao P" will receive a new AI voice via OTA in July and will first be available on the XPeng P7.

Powered by XPeng's new generation of ultra-large-scale online neural network engine and small offline splicing engine, the new voice is more vivid and brings in-car voice interaction closer to that of a real person, the company said.

The new AI voice uses 24K sampling technology and achieves high-fidelity sound quality, with the ability to transform 14 strong emotions, XPeng says.

The new AI voice scored a high 4.49 on Microsoft's MOS, an internationally accepted voice quality assessment method, making it the highest-scoring in-car intelligent voice assistant on the MOS voice quality scale, the company said.

MOS judges how close a machine voice is to a real person's voice under a comparative assessment with a real person's voice, with a score out of 5.

XPeng also solves multiple technical challenges including time delay, network jitter and how to integrate with applications, and intelligently selects an online neural network engine or an offline engine for voice synthesis.

With the end-to-cloud converged voice synthesis solution, users don't have to worry about sound quality damage even in weak and no network situations, according to XPeng.