Great Wall Motor (GWM) is recalling 16,216 IQ electric vehicles due to a potential problem with the power cell thermal runaway, according to a July 16 announcement on the official website of the State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR).

The recalled vehicles were manufactured from July 7, 2018, to October 30, 2019.

Some of these vehicles are equipped with power batteries that have discrepancies in the consistency of the BMS software control strategy to match. After long-term frequent fast charging, the battery performance decreases and thermal runaway may occur in extreme cases, the announcement showed.

GWM said it will test the power cells of the recalled vehicles free of charge and flash the control strategy software to adapt to the driving cycle and will replace the battery modules if necessary.

In the event of a "power battery failure" text and audible alarm, users should stop in a safe place and contact the nearest dealership, GWM said.

After the SAMR initiated an investigation into defects, GWM decided to take recall action to eliminate the safety hazard.

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