Chinese LiDAR supplier Hesai Technology and autonomous driving system developer WeRide have entered into a strategic partnership to jointly promote the adoption of driverless technology.

Through the signing of this strategic partnership, Hesai will help WeRide build a more advanced hardware platform for self-driving vehicles, according to an announcement.

As an important LiDAR supplier for WeRide, Hesai will provide high-quality and highly reliable LiDAR sensors to meet the demand for high-quality sensors for autonomous vehicles, the announcement said.

The two parties will explore and cooperate in various aspects of autonomous driving technology, vehicle-road collaboration and business scenarios to jointly create a safer and more efficient autonomous driving sensor suite.

WeRide uses several series of Hesai's LiDARs, which are the leading products in the market today for high-level LiDARs.

Hesai's LiDARs can provide WeRide's L4 autonomous vehicles with richer and more reliable sensing data and safety assurance.

Han Xu, founder and CEO of WeRide, said, "WeRide aims to change human travel with driverlessness and is committed to building the world's leading L4 autonomous driving technology, and we have now driven more than 5.5 million kilometers."

Hesai has been providing high-performance LiDAR sensors and related technical support for high-level autonomous driving, and this further cooperation between the two companies will help WeRide build a more reliable and safe driverless fleet.

Founded in 2017 and with global headquarters in Guangzhou, WeRide is an intelligent mobility company with the world's leading L4 autonomous driving technology.

In November 2019, WeRide launched the country's first fully open Robotaxi operation service in Guangzhou, covering hundreds of square kilometers of core urban open roads in Huangpu District and Guangzhou Development Zone.

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(Photo source: Hesai Technology)