Chinese carmaker Chery Automobile is recalling 1,407 Arrizo 5e electric vehicles due to a potential risk of thermal runaway of the battery, according to an announcement released Friday on China's State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR) website.

Those vehicles were manufactured from July 20, 2018, to May 28, 2019, starting July 16, 2021, the announcement showed.

The assembly of some parts within the power cell of these vehicles may have consistency fluctuations.

After long-term use of the vehicle, the bottom of the abnormal impact or undergo violent bump impact, and the extreme case may lead to the battery pack system high-voltage connection loosening and cause local contact internal resistance increase, according to the announcement.

In this case, it is easy to cause the components to overheat and bake the battery cells, which may cause thermal runaway of the battery, a safety hazard, according to the announcement.

Chery will conduct free inspection and repair of the power batteries of the vehicles within the recall area and give free replacement modules or battery packs if necessary to eliminate safety hazards, the announcement showed.

Chery recalls 1,407 EVs due to battery safety hazards-CnEVPost