Motors' upcoming P5 model includes at least three range versions, according to the company's filing with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT).

The three versions have NEDC ranges of 460km, 550km and 600km, with battery packs of 55.9kWh, 66.2kWh and 71.4kWh, respectively.

The weight of these models varies, with the model with the 55.9kWh battery being the heaviest instead, probably because it is equipped with a lower energy density lithium iron phosphate battery.

Last month, the XPeng P5 passed the MIIT's review, and information at the time showed that it was offered in three versions: ternary lithium-ion battery, ternary lithium-ion battery, and lithium iron phosphate power battery, all with as the battery supplier.

The XPeng P5 is XPeng's third product and the world's first LiDAR-equipped mass-produced smart car. Pre-orders for the model opened in April and deliveries are expected to begin by the fourth quarter of 2021.

XPeng will begin pre-sales of the P5 on July 17, when it will announce the model's price, the company said Tuesday.

XPeng was previously expected to announce the P5's price at the Shanghai Auto Show, but failed to do so.

Media reports at the time said the top model of the P5 could cost around 200,000 yuan ($31,000), which would put it in the price range of some mainstream fuel cars.

Chuancai Securities said in a previous research report that based on the XPeng P5's model positioning, its price is expected to fall within the 200,000 range, and the price sink will drive electric vehicle penetration higher.