Chinese firm aims for its technology to enable L3 autonomous driving for heavy trucks this year-CnEVPost

Autonomous driving service provider Hong Jing Drive recently said it aims to drive mass production of L3 smart heavy trucks this year and its ADAS system is expected to be used in a million mass-production vehicles by 2022-2023.

In addition to completing nearly 100,000 units of L2/L2.5 level ADAS systems installed this year, it will also push for mass production of L3 smart heavy trucks and use them in actual logistics operations, said Yang Wu, vice president of strategy and business development at Hong Jing Drive.

From 2022 to 2023, Hong Jing Drive aims to achieve one million ADAS systems installed and to provide solutions and capacity services to the logistics industry that can significantly reduce costs and increase efficiency, according to Yang.

Hong Jing Drive's core competencies are a complete self-driving technology stack platform, mass production landing capabilities and massive amounts of data. By forming joint ventures with car companies and providing them with technical support, it will expand the installed base of ADAS products.

In December 2020, Hong Jing Drive launched its L3 self-driving heavy truck technology solution and reached a strategic cooperation agreement with JAC Group and Ane logistics to promote the joint commercial operation of L3-level self-driving trunk logistics heavy trucks.

Currently, China has more than 6 million heavy-duty trucks for trunk logistics, but they generally face the problems of low industry profitability, high driver work intensity and large quantity shortage.

Optimizing cost structure, improving transportation safety and improving drivers' working environment are all industry demands that need to be responded to urgently, Yang said.

Yang said that self-driving technology companies should shoulder their social responsibility, land DEMO solutions into mass production projects, and turn technological advantages into social progress.

Founded in 2018, Hong Jing Drive is a full-stack autonomous driving solution provider that offers customized, high-performance intelligent driving solutions for different customer needs.

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