US-listed Chinese business and financial information provider 36Kr Holdings recently announced that an audio segment it created with 's interactive sound community, NIO Radio, has come to NIO vehicles.

The segment, named Kr-Intelligence, which is targeted at business and financial information sharing, will bring NIO users up-to-date, insightful content with a professional perspective, the company said.

It will air Monday through Friday, with one daily installment, and will launch a surprise weekend edition on Saturday.

NIO Radio is an exclusive radio station for NIO users and has launched several segments over the past few years.

On December 5, 2018, NIO Radio went live on the ES8, NIO's first production model, making it the third community connection NIO has created for its users, following the NIO App and NIO House.

NIO Radio is a radio station without geographical restrictions and a 7X24 interactive sound community that can provide a stage for users to connect and interact with each other, while the content covers music, information and life.

William Li, founder, chairman and CEO of NIO, said at the time, "NIO wants to be a community that shares joy and grows together, and it connects in a variety of different ways, such as the NIO App, NIO House, and NIO Day."

Li said that he hoped to have a vehicle in the car that would allow users to connect, which in turn would form an interactive sound community that would allow everyone to grow together through NIO Radio.

Back at 36Kr, the company is increasing its efforts on video and audio content in an attempt to gain more traffic and reach. It has also recently partnered with Volkswagen on video marketing services.

Since its IPO in November 2019, 36Kr shares have continued to move lower, with its current price of $2.12 down 85 percent from its $14.50 offering price.