NIO put battery swap stations into operation at an unprecedented rate in the second half of June, bringing the number of such facilities to 300 by the end of the first half of the year. Heading into July, 's moves slowed down.

The company's 301st battery swap station in China, the battery swap station at Tangxi River Park in Hefei, Anhui Province in eastern China, went live on Wednesday, the first battery swap station NIO has put into operation since the month.

At the battery swap station site, NIO already has 20 fast charging piles with 30-60kW of power, and parking at the station is free.

To date, NIO has eight battery swap stations, seven Superchargers, and access to more than 9,000 third-party charging piles in Anhui, according to the company.

In the second half of June, the company's pace of building swap stations accelerated significantly, unlike before when a battery swap station was put into operation every few days.

On June 29, NIO put five new battery swap stations into operation in Shanghai, the largest number deployed by the company in a single city in China in a single day.

On June 30, NIO announced that another 11 new battery swap stations were put into operation in China, the most in a single day, bringing the total to 300.

As of July 7, NIO has 301 battery swap stations, 203 superchargers and 381 destination charging stations in China, with access to more than 380,000 third-party charging piles, according to the company.

NIO aims to have its signature battery swap stations number 500 in China this year.

William Li, the company's founder, chairman and CEO, had said in early April that the number was a public target and that "the company's internal goal will be a little more aggressive."