, the smartphone giant that announced this year that it was jumping on the car-making bandwagon, is increasing its technological presence in the automotive field.

The company recently disclosed a patent that can adjust the hardness of tires according to temperature; it was filed on January 6, 2020, with a public date of July 6.

The abstract of the patent shows that it belongs to the field of remote control technology, where the terminal can generate temperature adjustment instructions based on the current environmental information.

The instructions can adjust the tire hardness by adjusting the temperature of the tires so that the tire hardness can adapt to different external environments, reducing tire wear during driving and enhancing the driving performance of the vehicle, the abstract says.

Xiaomi announced its entry into the smart electric vehicle market on March 30 with an expected investment of $10 billion over 10 years, with an initial installment of RMB 10 billion ($1.52 billion).

"This is the last major venture of my life. I am willing to stake my entire reputation in life to personally lead the team for the Xiaomi car," Xiaomi founder Lei Jun said at the time.

Since announcing the car build, Lei has made frequent visits to car companies, including , SGMW and the Great Wall Motors.

Xiaomi posted a number of job openings for autonomous driving-related positions on its website on June 15, covering data platforms, vehicle infrastructure, decision planning, millimeter-wave algorithms, development tools, front-end platform development, embedded software, control, perception, high-precision maps, simulation platforms and more.

There is also rumors that the car is being "accelerated" and is ready to develop its own chips, and has started recruiting chip IC design and autonomous driving algorithm engineers.