Automated parking, an important feature of smart cars, is important to every electric vehicle (EV) company. The EV company owned by China's largest real estate developer Evergrande Group has become the latest car company to release such a system.

Evergrande Auto unveiled its AVP (Automated Valet Parking) autonomous parking system for its Hengchi models on June 29, saying it integrates sensors including ultrasonic radar, millimeter-wave radar, and high-definition surround-view cameras.

Combined with high precision maps, the system can accurately identify vehicle location, surrounding obstacles and can achieve L4 level driverless functions in specific scenarios such as narrow road cruising, pedestrian avoidance, vehicle obstacle avoidance, automatic car following, and automatic parking space identification.

Owners can realize one-key parking and summoning through cell phone APP. After the owner starts the one-key parking function, the driverless vehicle will find a path independently throughout the whole process and can complete cross-level automatic parking into the garage. After starting the one-touch summoning function, the user can summon the vehicle in advance to drive out automatically and go to a designated location to wait.

(Source: Evergrande Auto)

In a June 17 post on its official WeChat account, China FAW said the first version of its L4 valet parking system's fully functional software has been released, a crucial milestone on the road to autonomous driving development for FAW Hongqi.

The company claims the system is the world's first vehicle-side perception-based L4 valet parking system, supporting both commercial parking and private parking scenarios.

Notably, both Evergrande Auto's and China FAW's automated parking systems require the support of high-precision maps.

In contrast, the Valet Parking Assist (VPA) feature brought by Motors' system update pushed to its P7 sedan earlier this month does not rely on high precision mapping.

Back to Evergrande Auto, which has invested a cumulative total of RMB 47.4 billion ($7.3 billion) in the EV industry, with R&D accounting for more than half of the investment at RMB 24.9 billion.

On February 3, Hengchi vehicles underwent a three-week winter test for the entire vehicle's power performance, triboelectric performance, battery thermal management system, body stability control system and other winter tests.

On June 6, Hengchi vehicles launched summer testing with a series of extreme tests of five vehicles in Turpan,Xinjiang

Evergrande Auto says it has laid out ten bases around the world and plans to achieve annual production and sales of over 1 million vehicles by 2025 and over 5 million vehicles by 2035.

Evergrande Auto begins summer testing for 5 Hengchi models