With the rapid development of China's new energy vehicle industry, a lot of innovation is being birthed.

Zhejiang-based automotive giant recently disclosed a new patent that enables wireless charging of vehicles.

The patent was filed on April 18, 2019, and approved on June 22, according to data provider Qichacha.

The patent abstract shows that the wireless charging system contains a controller, transmitting coils and sensors, with multiple transmitting coils forming an array.

During charging, the sensor obtains information about the location of the vehicle's receiving coil and then determines the most appropriate multiple transmitting coils.

This approach eliminates the need for the vehicle to precisely align the charging coils, increasing the efficiency of use.

In fact, Geely is not the first company to apply for such a patent.

disclosed a patent related to wireless charging devices on March 9, which was filed on April 27, 2017, for a wireless charging device and a method of switching its coils.

The patent ensures that when the position of the transmitting coil corresponding to the wireless charging receiving coil changes, the spacing between the two can reach the set wireless charging distance, so that power is transmitted according to the maximum power transmission efficiency.

Chinese technology giant disclosed a patent for wireless charging in vehicles on May 25. The patent can be applied to smart cars, new energy vehicles, and self-driving cars.

Geely's EV brand Zeekr reportedly plans to deliver 10,000 units of Zeekr 001 within this year