AVP (Apollo Valet Parking) is one of the key components of Baidu Apollo's autonomous driving technology, and now the company is getting it accepted by more and more car companies.

Following the mass production of the W6 with the AVP feature, Baidu on Tuesday announced a partnership with Great Wall Motor to deploy the AVP feature in the latter's models.

The first smart car the two are working on is the WEY Mocha, and the expected launch of the new car with AVP functionality is in the second half of the year.

(WEY Mocha)

AVP is a commercialized product developed by Baidu Apollo that enables autonomous driving under limited conditions.

Currently, Baidu Apollo has reached cooperation with several domestic OEMs and is gradually operating in diverse scenarios such as private parking lots, transportation hubs and commercial parking lots.

AVP is based on Baidu Apollo software algorithm with functional safety level ASIL-B, which can realize L4 level unmanned autonomous parking within visual range.

In vehicles equipped with AVP technology, owners can realize operations including remote summoning and autonomous parking through mobile terminal devices such as cell phones.

(Robin Li, founder, chairman, and CEO of Baidu, explains the AVP feature. File Photo)

Great Wall Motor and Baidu have been cooperating in the field of high-precision mapping and positioning technology as early as 2016.

Based on the highway around the city of Baoding, Hebei, where Great Wall Motor is headquartered, they have jointly developed high-precision map positioning technology and formed the technical results.

Great Wall Motor became the first strategic partner of Baidu's Apollo platform in July 2017. In April 2018, Great Wall Motor and Baidu signed a strategic cooperation memorandum, announcing that the two companies will start strategic cooperation in four major areas: vehicle intelligent network connection, autonomous driving, shared mobility, and big data.

Currently, a number of mass-production models, including the second-generation Haval H6 and H4Pro, are equipped with Baidu's intelligent Telematics products.

Baidu's Robin Li explains why the company enters car-making industry