China's fast-growing electric vehicle industry means high demand for talent, and now, even though 2021 is only halfway over, is already hiring for college students graduating next year.

NIO said Monday that hiring for the class of 2022 is officially underway and will offer more than 300 positions in areas including autonomous driving, digital technology, vehicle development, smart hardware, design, and quality management.

Applications for the positions will be accepted from June 21 to July 16, and NIO said the results of candidates' interviews during that period will not affect their continued application in the fall.

NIO will launch online written tests in early July and online interviews in mid-July and qualified candidates will receive offers in August and September.

(Source: NIO)

Building a car is a business that needs to burn money, with labor costs taking up a large part of it. For the candidates, this means high salaries.

NIO, , Motors, and China offered an average monthly salary of RMB 15,367 ($2,380) in this year's hiring, up 21.6 percent compared to the same period last year, according to a report released by job site Boss Zhipin in late April.

Since this year, the number of these companies recruiting positions, the number of job seekers concerned about the heat continues to climb. Among them, autonomous driving research and development, intelligent cockpit design, software engineers, sales, user operations and other positions have increased by more than 1.8 times year-on-year demand, the report said.

With the rise in recruitment demand, the salary level of the industry has also risen significantly, especially for some positions related to autonomous driving algorithms, the annual salary can even reach more than one million, according to the report.

NIO Recruitment's smart cockpit recommendation algorithm development position offers a salary range of RMB 26,000-50,000 for experienced candidates, while the chief system architect for intelligent human-computer interaction earns as much as RMB 80,000-110,000 per month, according to the report.

It is worth noting that in this round of snatching wars by car-making companies, talents for sales positions have also become the key targets of snatching.

On the Boss Zhipin website, NIO, XPeng, Li Auto, and Tesla in Beijing offer salaries of RMB 20,000-40,000, RMB 15,000-30,000, RMB 15,000-20,000, and RMB 9,000-12,000 for the position, respectively.