Arcfox, the BAIC-owned EV brand that recently showcased 's amazing autonomous driving capabilities, saw its first exclusive Supercharger station go into operation in Beijing.

The brand said Saturday that the Supercharger station has 12 charging piles, each with a maximum power of 180kW, which is the current Chinese national standard for maximum charging power.

The use of the exclusive charging piles can increase the charging rate of the α-T model by two times, allowing the Huawei Inside equipped α-S model to get a range of 197 kilometers on a 10-minute charge, the brand said.

Arcfox said the use of its own dedicated Supercharger station will help to take advantage of fast charging for electric vehicles and avoid the drawbacks of poor maintenance, slow charging and occupied parking spaces at public charging stations.

In the near future, the charging station will be open to other brands, Arcfox said.

Arcfox will build more exclusive Supercharging stations in first-tier cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen, the brand said.

The brand said it will upgrade its Superchargers to 360kW in the future, allowing vehicles to travel 400 kilometers on a 10-minute charge.

On April 17, Arcfox unveiled the highly anticipated Arcfox α-S model with a starting price of 251,900 yuan ($38,600).

The model also includes a version with "Huawei Inside", which is the first time Huawei's technology is also available in a production model.

The starting price for this version is RMB 388,900 and the premium version is priced at RMB 429,900. They are expected to be delivered in November and December this year.

The model is equipped with an intelligent advanced autonomous driving system with 400TOPs of computing power.

The body is equipped with 3 LIDAR, 6 millimeter-wave radar, 12 ultrasonic radar, 9 ADS cameras, and 4 surround-view cameras.

The lower-priced version of this enables highway autonomous driving, and the highest-spec version has higher-order autonomous driving and valet parking capabilities in urban areas.

This capability has been demonstrated in a video that went viral on April 16.

The video shows a relatively smooth ride for the field test vehicle, which is capable of urban commuting without intervention autopilot in situations such as starting and stopping at traffic lights, making unprotected left turns, avoiding vehicles at intersections, yielding to pedestrians, and changing lanes.

Electric vehicle model equipped with 'Huawei Inside' debuts

(Source: Arcfox)