on Wednesday said it will unveil more smart car solutions at the Huawei Inside auto show on April 18.

This follows the announcement that the Huawei Inside certified BAIC Arcfox will be launched in Shanghai on April 17.

There will be a series of car launches with BAIC Arcfox in the fourth quarter of this year, Huawei rotating chairman Xu Zhijun said at Huawei Global Analysts Summit 2021 on Monday.

Huawei will work with BAIC Arcfox, Changan Automobile, and GAC respectively to create three sub-brands.

Huawei will stick to not building cars, a decision that has been discussed for years, Xu said, adding that the company is positioned in the automotive sector as a supplier of incremental components for smart connected cars.

Huawei designed the "Huawei Inside" brand, and only cars that use Huawei's autonomous driving technology will have the logo, Xu said.

Recently, Huawei's Intelligent Vehicle Solutions BU mentioned on Weibo the Arcfox α-S, which is positioned as an intelligent luxury electric sedan and claimed to be "the new global benchmark for autonomous driving".

Huawei says smart cars with 'Huawei Inside' in mass production