Chinese auto giant GAC announced Wednesday that it will showcase its super-fast-charging battery technology as well as its silicon cathode battery technology at the annual GAC TECH DAY event on April 9.

Earlier this year, GAC released a teaser image of its new battery showing that its graphene-based super-fast-charging battery can charge up to 80 percent in 8 minutes, making charging as convenient as refueling.

On top of that, its silicon negative battery can give EVs an NEDC range of 1,000 kilometers.

With its annual event coming up, the company is expected to announce details of both technologies at that time.

GAC previously mentioned its battery technology in a vague way, saying it could achieve an 8-minute charge to 80 percent and a range of 1,000 kilometers.

This was subsequently seen as an exaggeration and accused by industry experts of being impossible to achieve.

In the face of questioning, general manager Gu Huinan responded that graphene-based super-fast-charging batteries and long-range silicon cathode batteries are two different battery technologies.

GAC also said at the time that the so-called "fast charging" and "long-range" features would be reflected in the two batteries separately, not in one battery with both features.

Graphene-based fast-charging technology will be the first to be used in the Aion V model, and can achieve 80% charging in 8 minutes and a range of 500km, and is expected to go into production in September.

The silicon anode technology battery is expected to be used in the Aion LX model, which can achieve a range of 1,000km and is expected to go into production this year.

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