Auto started laying out its chip strategy in 2019, and the in-house developed central control chip will be assembled on board in 2023, the auto giant said.

Geely Chairman Li Shufu revealed the information in a recent interview with the Beijing News, saying that Geely has strategically procured chips in advance, and is also promoting the import of local brand chips, as well as chips of its own development and design.

Li said that batteries and chips are the most core components of new energy smart cars, and car companies with independent battery technology and chips will gain a huge advantage.

To this end, Geely Holdings is committed to building a hard technology ecology to achieve a stable supply of core components, he said.

The current inventory of Geely's chip-based products is under control, and the manufacturing bases are scheduling production plans in accordance with market conditions and sales demand to guarantee order production, Li said.

Geely Auto has implemented an early warning mechanism for chip shortage and formulated relevant emergency measures to ensure the continuous supply of chips, he mentioned.

Geely Auto has comprehensively checked the chip supply risk, combined with the 2021 sales target, and locked long-term orders for 3-6 months from suppliers according to the risk level to ensure that production will not be affected.

In addition, the company will also plan chip selection applications and establish direct communication channels with chip suppliers, he said.

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