's Chinese rival Motors will begin imposing Supercharger idle fees starting February 20, 2021, a practice Tesla adopted back in 2016 to prevent cars from sitting at Superchargers for too long once they are fully charged.

The idle fee is RMB 1.0 yuan/minute (16¢) and the billing starts 30 minutes after the end of charging.

The charging service fee is RMB 0.6 yuan/kWh and is only charged to non-XPeng users.

In contrast, Tesla requires users to drive away from a charging station within 5 minutes of a full charge. Overtime charges begin to be incurred when there is less than or equal to 50% free parking space at a Supercharger station at RMB 3.2 ($0.5) per minute, and RMB 6.4 per minute if there is no free parking space.

If a Tesla charges over time and there is no free parking space around, the overtime charge for one hour alone is RMB 264 ($41).

By the end of 2020, XPeng has established 670 supercharging stations in 100 cities in China, offering free charging for XPeng users for life.

(Source: XPeng website)